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The 4 Most Common Phone Repair Services

The cell phone is a true technological disruptor that has revolutionized how people communicate. According to the Pew Research Center, 97% of all U.S. citizens own a cell phone. The U.S. Census Bureau says the nation's population was nearly 332 million people in 2021, which suggests there are more than 300 million cell phones in use. Many of those cell phones require the following four most common phone repair services.

1. Cracked Screen

People of all ages use their cell phones nearly anywhere and under a variety of weather conditions. Sooner or later, phones are dropped or have things dropped on them, which cracks the screen. Replacing a cracked screen is one of the most common phone repair services that people seek. Given the high cost of many types of cell phones, replacing a screen is much more affordable than replacing a phone.

2. Dead Battery

Most cell phone batteries last about two or three years and even less when charged repeatedly on a daily basis. The manner in which they are charged also can shorten the life of a cell phone battery. Charging the battery before it's drained and not fully charging the battery affects its storage capacity and can reduce its service life. Replacing a dead battery is a common fix that helps people to continue using their cell phones.

3. Faulty Charging Port

It's very easy to damage the charging port by inserting the charging cable upside down or moving it around. Getting water in the charging port can also cause it to not work. Phone repair services can replace damaged charging ports and enable you to continue powering up your phone for further use.

4. Broken Buttons

The side buttons that control volume, power the phone on and off, and enable you to scroll through menu screens are prone to damage. One good blow to the side of the phone might be enough to cause one or more buttons to fail. Whatever the cause might be, phone repair services can correct the problem by fixing damaged buttons.

Cell phones are the only phone service many people have, which makes repairs necessary. You can call UltraPage Inc or stop by our storefront to learn more about how our phone repair services might solve any issues you're having with your cell phone.

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